SURGIMESH® Surgical Implants

A concept with great flexibility

The EASY PLUG® – PATCH SYSTEM concept adapts to the surgeons wishes, either a single layer or two layer repair.

  • Superior Tissue Incorporation
  • Circle: Use either as a self forming plug or as the deep layer in a two layer repair
  • Keyhole Patch: Top layer reinforcement to complete a Lichtenstein style repair
  • Fast, high quality and complete tissue incorporation within weeks
  • High patient comfort with reduced mesh pain and foreign body sensation
  • Reduced complications and recurrence
  • Minimal shrinkage

See applicable SURGIMESH® IFU for information on Precautions and Possible Complications.

Easy Plug® – Patch System

A uniquely configured system of lighter weight mesh composed of non-woven microfibers of polypropylene for strong repairs with high patient comfort.

A multitude of other configurations of SURGIMESH® WN are available.
See our SURGIMESH® WN Inventory Guide or check with your local BG Medical Representative.