SURGIMESH® Surgical Implants

Robotic, Laparoscopic / Minimally Invasive Ventral, Incisional and Umbilical Hernias (For Visceral Contact)

A next generation lighter weight barrier mesh formed from non-woven microfibers of polypropylene partially impregnated with non-porous silicone to produce a strongly integrated abdominal mesh that minimizes visceral tissue contact long term.


  • Superior Tissue Incorporation
  • Low profile mesh for ease of introduction and placement
  • Flexible memory mesh aiding in placement and fixation
  • Fully trimmable, customizable mesh
  • More patient comfortable mesh long term avoiding stiff abdomen syndrome
  • Strongly incorporated mesh which is a permanent tissue attachment barrier in just 12 days
  • Mesh with serous drainage holes to assist with seroma prevention
  • Minimal shrinkage mesh

See applicable SURGIMESH® IFU for information on Precautions and Possible Complications.

Key Configurations

Circular + Suture
Tintra C-10/12/15 – Umbilical/Ventral

Tintra R-1415 – Small Umbilical/Ventral

Tintra E-1522 – Incisional/Ventral

Tintra O-2636 – Large Abdominal Wall

A multitude of other configurations of SURGIMESH® XB are available.
See our SURGIMESH® XB Inventory Guide or check with your local BG Medical Representative.