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“If a friend or family had to have a hernia surgery I would definitely recommend the approach I took with the laparoscopic way to do this and the non-woven mesh…you can just get back to living your life.”


“I just feel a whole lot more confident… I can move fluidly, my body doesn’t feel like it’s trying to work against me. It’s a whole lot stronger and can feel a difference.”

*Results from patient testimonials are not predictive of results in all cases. Individual results may vary. Please consult a qualified healthcare provider regarding your condition and appropriate medical treatment. If you think you have a hernia, see your healthcare provider who can confirm the diagnosis and discuss your treatment options.


Jonathan Yunis, M.D. Sarasota FL

“My patients…have no sense of having any foreign material in their bodies. With our current technology and materials, patients now can undergo major hernia surgery with very little, if any, pain and with very rapid return to work and full activities.”

Bruce Ramshaw, M.D. Past President of the American Hernia Society (AHS)

“The lightweight material and durable silicone barrier of non-woven polypropylene mesh has allowed the use of 5 mm ports in our laparoscopic umbilicals which combined with the ease of placement and maneuverability of the mesh has resulted in 12 minute skin-to-skin procedures.”