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Mission Trips

BG Medical considers it our duty to support those who so generously give of their time and expertise in helping the unfortunate in need of surgical repair with donations of hernia mesh. To arrange for hernia mesh for a Mission Trip please contact your local SURGIMESH® Territory Manager or call 800-390-4716. You will need to provide details on the mission trip such as names of the key surgical personnel, date(s), location(s) of the trip and the supporting organization for the Mission Trip. Below are several examples of very successful Mission Trips where BG Medical made hernia mesh donations.

Hi Deeda! I just wanted to give you an update about our Spring surgical mission trip to Comayagua, Honduras. It was a HUGE success as we provided 102 patients with free surgical procedures during the week! Our team completed 46 hernia repairs, 23 gallbladder removals, and 33 GYN procedures! These procedures were literally life-changing for the patients! I cannot thank you enough for supporting our efforts in Honduras! We couldn’t serve the patients in Honduras so well if it wasn’t for generous supporters such as your company!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I look forward to working together in the future on our next Spring trip if you have a desire to support our team once again. With deepest gratitude, Matt

Joshua Trussell and his team completed OR surgery cases at Rearick Surgical Center in El Progresso, Honduras. All were successes and the patients were extremely grateful. These were large very symptomatic hernias. These gallbladder patients have been suffering for many years. One lady had lost 30 lbs because she had become afraid to eat due to gallbladder pain. Thanks for your support on this surgical mission trip. Your support was imperative for our successful outcomes.
BG Medical is extremely proud to serve our military and veterans. We have been supplying the USS Makin Island, based out of San Diego CA, and the USS Comfort, based out of Norfolk VA, for over 5 years.
At CHI we celebrate the opportunity that we get to work in solidarity with (or alongside) some pretty amazing people in Haiti - including Haitian medical staff and patients! They teach us so much, and have more strength and hope than any body of people I have ever met. It's hard to describe them as less fortunate, although their daily challenges are much different from those we know in the US. I would describe our work as providing technical surgical assistance. We are grateful to be able to do this in partnership with BG Medical!
The Africa Mercy is the world's largest private hospital ship and it has 82 ward beds. Volunteers, like Dr Goodwin, performed 2,951 free surgeries during the period from October, 2014 – June, 2016. Photos © Mercy Ships and © Mercy Ships/credit: Justine Forrest.
Dr. Matt Indeck (l) and Dr. Joel Goodwin operate on a patient in one of the five state-of-the-art operating rooms onboard Mercy Ships floating hospital. They used Hernia Mesh donated by Surgimesh to repair hernias in some of their patients. Photos © Mercy Ships/credit: Justine Forrest.
Mercy Ships volunteer Dr. Joel Goodwin examines patients onboard the Africa Mercy while docked in Madagascar, Africa. Photos © Mercy Ships/credit: Justine Forrest.
Dr. Tom Haney from Warsaw, IN at the Salud Y Paz Clinic in Camanchaj, Guatemala - Mission Trip sponsored by Hands of Hope International, April, 2013
Dr. Ken Lawson from Lower Umpqua Hospital in Reedsport, OR leads Mission Trip to the Malamulo Hospital in Malawi - December 2011
Moses Lake Medical Team Mission Trip to Ibadan, Nigeria - Fall 2011
Dr. Robert Schauer from Riverbend Hospital in Springfield and Dr. Kenneth Welker, Director of Optimal Health, from Eugene OR lead HELPS International / Cascade Medical Team Mission Trip to Guatemala - June 2011
Luke Channer, MD of Hamilton, MT leads Mission Trip To Haiti – Spring 2011